Tips for a new Video Monitor

Hi everybody,
hope this is the right place to post.
I’m trying to make an opinion about a new video monitor to use as a main one with my MacMini late 2012, Cubase, Live and other software, photo editing sw included.
I know there are a lot of options but I’m planning to buy at least a 24", maybe a 27" or 30", because with my old two 17" wide I’ve not enough space and, as one of the two died, I want to enlarge my workspace.
My main question are:

  • are there compatibility issues? Could MacMini run a 4K, for example?
  • could I use two different monitors, one old Asus 17" and a new 27-30" with different resolutions?
  • What do you think about ultrawide monitors? I don’t like them very much and I wonder if they can be good for photography too…
  • I received some suggestions yet but I’m not an expert: benq ew3280u, LG 27UL650, DELL P2419H, LG 29WK600…
    I know Eizo are very good monitors but they are very expensive too…
    I wouldn’t buy spend more than 500 €, if possible…
    Thank you for advicec, tips, opinions…

I think you’d have better luck doing a forum search/posting here:

Good idea, Poinzy!
Thank you very much for answering!

Got this one 4 months ago - highly recommend to replace 2-3 monitors with only 1 !
And I love the included stand that takes near zero space on the desk.

Hi Y-D,
thank you so much for answering!
I had a look at the monitor you suggest me and it appears to be a very good one but I’m afraid my MacMIni (late 2012) can’t support it…