Tips for saving RAM memory

Kontakt 5 crashes my PC unless the the buffer size is 1024 or bigger. I thought 32gb of RAM would be enough!
Any tips for reducing the VST performance which is rarely below 35%. I’ve turned off any unused VST instruments (that load as part of the main template).


For Win 7 -

  • Open Task Manager
  • Click on “Processes” tab
  • Right mark on the check-box at lower-left corner “Show processes from all users”
  • Click on the tab “Memory”
  • See which svchost.exe is eating max. RAM & right-click on that
  • Select the last option “Go to service” from that opened menu
  • Now you can see list of services highlighted with blue colour. Now you need to find “Superfetch” under “Description” tab.
  • Right click on “Superfetch” & select “stop process” from the pop up menu.

If you find that its effective on RAM without causing any other issues then you can permanently stop that process by following steps below…

  • Click on start menu
  • Under “All Programs” button you can see a search-box…Type “services”
  • Now you can see “Services” button listed under programs button. Click on it.
  • Find a service “Superfetch” under “Name” tab.
  • Right click on “Superfetch” & then click “Properties” from the pop up menu
  • Under the “General” tab you can see “Start-up Type”…Select “Manual” instead “Automatic”
  • Now it will not start automatically.

This will free up at-least noticeable amount of your total RAM.