Tips on how to get corrupted project to open?

I have a large project and Cubase crashes when trying to open. It also crashes when trying to open the most recent backup. A backup from an hour earlier opens.

I can see that it is crashing when tryign to load a track that contains Serum (one of many tracks that contain serum), and there is a lot of automation. If I open a new project and import tracks from this corrupted one minus that single track then those tracks import without issue. If I try and import the single track, Cubase crashes…ok-problem track identified.

I tried to remove the serum vst and then open the project-still crashes.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a way to get this project open? I don’t mind having to recreate the serum track, but I’d prefer to not lose the work from the other tracks that are working fine.

Haven’t you already accomplished this by importing all the other tracks into a new project? That’s probably your best course of action anyway.

Importing tracks loses routing.

I did find a discussion on the forum that helped me make some progress. I renamed my VST folder and then reopened the project. This time it worked. So then I disabled the offending track and saved that as a new version named the VST folder back and now I can open that. There are 5 other VST plugins on that track and so I’m going to see if one of those is the culprit.

EDIT: ok-It seems to be the instance of Soundtoys Panman that is crashing it. Removed Panman from the VST folder and the project opens. I’ll check for an update.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you had already tried disabling your plugins.