Tips on speeding up selecting/filtering

Would appreciate tips/suggestions in how to approach this question (and sorry if this has been tackled before, I can’t find it…!)

In the example below, I select everything in a bar across the staves and then apply a filter shortcut to select only the notes - so that I can offset the playback. Easy, fast and works like a charm…


However, when I do the same thing in a different example like this one, the playback offset is not available - I’m assuming that’s because grace notes are still part of the selection:


In this case, I have to go to the “Edit” menu, switch “select” to “deselect” , then to filter out the grace notes. Then of course I have to switch back to “select” before I can continue.

Is there a better and faster way to do this? Cheers!

I recorded a script of me doing similar operation – filter for notes, and filter to deselect tuplets – and it works. (Script > Start Recording Macro)

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This is where Dorico’s ‘consecutive’ keyboard shortcuts come in. You can set a sequence of keys, one after the other, to activate a menu command.

So I have Command F followed by N to Filter Notes
Command F O for ornaments
Command F L for Lyrics
Command F X for text

…etc, etc.

(in the words of Anthony Hughes “That’s CTRL F on a PC.”)


I remember that post - thanks!

Yes, I have set up a shortcut to filter for grace notes now. It selects the grace notes but it then deselects the regular notes. It’s just as useful, of course, but I in this case I was trying to do the opposite.

I guess I’m wondering if I can alternate between selecting and deselecting operations without manually switching the filter mode in the Edit menu.

Yes, the same keys work to Select or De-select, depending on which option is toggled.

How do you deal with toggling? Do you have a shortcut for that or do you do it manually?

Found it! There is indeed an option to assign a shortcut to toggle Filter Select/Deselect mode! It’s just not listed in the Filter section - I finally realized I can search for items in that box and it’s in the Edit section.


In any case, I suppose I can build a shortcut string now: Select Notes - Switch to Deselct - Deselect Grace Notes, etc…

Thanks everyone.

How? I cannot assign the same key command to both Select and Deselect, and if I use only the other one when editing, it doesn’t toggle between select / deselect.

Sorry: I don’t think there is a toggle for Select/De-select. (Though I gladly wait to be proved wrong.)

I’m not sure what I was saying there – possibly that the same Filter commands work (e.g. Lyrics) regardless of the toggle status.