Tips & tricks for importing XML files from Logic



Here some tips for preparing your XML file exported from Logic before importing into Dorico.

  • First open an empty project in Dorico and then import the XML, don’t import straight by clicking the file.
  • Name your tracks exactly like the instrument names in Dorico (e.g. ‘Eb Alto Sax 1’ and ‘Drum Set’), then you have a better chance that Dorico picks the right instrument.
  • With one IMPORTANT !!! exception: don’t name your grand staff instruments any name that is an instrument in Dorico (e.g. piano). See this thread:
  • For drums make a mapped instrument in the environment that has the positions and note heads of the default Dorico drum notation (or send me a message with your email, and I’ll send it to you, unfortunately I couldn’t attach it here).
  • Just enter slurs at the right position, doesn’t matter how it looks, might look terrible in Logic, but Dorico will fix that right up
  • Only a selection of phrasing symbols export.
  • Note heads won’t export except for one slash note head.
  • Chords do not export/import.
  • Text does not export/import.
  • Lyrics will export/import.
  • Repeat barlines export/import, repeat endings do not.
  • Expect inconsistency; sometimes the same things export/import differently, try another export and import and results might change.

I’ve attached some files to demonstrate the differences between export and import.


Thanks a lot for those tips!

You’re welcome, the post is a year old though, there are a some improvements on both Logic’s and Dorico’s side, grand staff instruments work now and repeat bars and double bars import now, although repeat endings don’t.