Title font size etc.. for secondary Flows

At present if I change the styling to “Title” at the top of the page of Flow 2 using {@flowTitle@} the top and bottom of the title are cut off, presumably because of the way the margins are set on the default page.
What method can be used to make that work correctly without screwing up all the other default pages in the piece?
I’ve tried to add a new “master page” but it’s not going well…

What I really need to do is mimic (or usee if possible) the Master First page - but I don’t know how to do that…

Do you basically want the First master page to be used for any flow starting at the top of the page?

Where are you changing the styling of the flow title token - on a single page, in the flow heading editor, on the Default master page…?

Well yes, really -and resetting the page number to 1 would also be a good idea if possible.

I just changed the token on the page itself by double-clicking the title text

I would suggest using the First Master Page for all the ‘subsequent’ Flows, which you can do nice and automatically, and then use a custom Master Page for the very First one.

Also, the contents are probably cut-off if the text frame is set to use Centre Alignment. (And it could be too small, of course.)

There’s a {@flowpage@} token that restarts at the beginning of each flow. Stick that in your master pages in place of the {@page@} token.

Be aware that making changes directly on individual pages produces page overrides, which prevents those pages getting updated if you e.g. make a change to the master page. Sometimes this can be useful, but if you’re not aware of it, it can be confusing as to why edits to the master page don’t appear to be taking effect.

It also is local only to that page - if it’s a change you’d want in e.g. every part layout, it’s best to do that on the master page so you don’t have to replicate it manually on every page in every layout that needs the change.