Title getting Mojibake (strange characters) when exporting mp3 in Japanese

Hello again,

With Japanese title music, when I export as mp3 I get Mojibake (strange letters)
when I do a quick look and import to iTunes for example.
But the file name is export properly in Japanese.

The way I fix it is to import in iTunes, then write the title properly in Japanese.


Thanks for letting us know about this. The issue is that ID3 expects its various fields to be encoded in UTF16, but our internal representation is using UTF8, which results in the characters being displayed incorrectly. We’ll see what we can do about this in a future version.

Thank you very much, Daniel,
I forgot to write that I use a Japanese MacBook pro with Os set in French,
and Dorico in English.

How very international :slight_smile:

We’ve been looking into this, and it turns out that Dorico (and also Cubase) only supports MP3 ID3v1 tags, which require ASCII/Latin-1 encoding, so they do not support any CJK languages, or indeed any non-Latin languages. There are no current plans to update our support to ID3v2, which allows the specification of the character encoding to be used for each data item, though this is on our backlog. In the meantime, you should expect to have to edit your ID3 tags in an external application after export.

Got it. Thank you very much for your concern ^.^