Title on all pages

How can I get the title of a score on all pages of the parts?

Edit the Parts Page Templates. Make sure that the project Title token is in the header.

Are there templates in the Ipad version ? Where are they?

On the iPad, you can’t edit page templates, but by default they should show the Project title on the first page of music.

Make sure you enter your project title in Project Info, so that the corresponding token can pick it up and display the title wherever the token appears – which by default is on the first page of music in all layouts.

(Double-clicking the title in the score and changing the text there doesn’t update Project Info, I’m afraid.)

Here are diagrams of the tokens that are used on page templates by default, for your information (full editing of these is only available in Dorico Pro on the desktop) –

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@wibem1 , if you are asking a question about the iPad version, please add that tag to your first post–or at least mention it right up front–so you get an appropriate answer sooner and so others do not waste time responding to you with an unusable suggestion.

(I see that tag has subsequently been added.)

Thanks for your help. The title on the first page doesn’t help, I need the title on all pages. So, can I make a template ( with the title on all pages) with Dorico Pro and import this template to the Ipad version?

If you open the project on the desktop, you could edit the page templates it’s already using (replace the layout name token in the running header on the Default page template, with the project/flow title token as you prefer) then re-open that edited project on the iPad. Your changes from the desktop will continue to apply to the project.

Thanks . Can I use this file from the desktop version as a template in Dorico on the IPad?

You should in theory be able to duplicate your “template” file and start new projects from that, yes. Taking care not to overwrite the original, of course!