Title page layout for additional notation content

I’m not sure how to properly word my question - Can the opening page of notation be set to contain a full page worth of notation as do the following pages? I’m using Dorico SE5.

Thanks in advance

Yes, it just depends on how Dorico calculates spacing: there isn’t enough space on p1 currently to fit two systems, based on the page margins, the staff size, and the vertical spacing settings.

PS Unless you’ve got voice-leading reasons to do so, it’s probably simplest to put your right-hand piano reduction part in bars 6-10 into the up-stem voice, which should remove the bar rests automatically.

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Hi Lillie
Just wanted to say thanks. I checked out the videos you provided. It worked out I learned a lot. I’m limited using Dorico SE but that will change hopefully in the near future.
Thanks again :+1:

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Great, I’m really glad to hear that!