Titling convention disparity

Took me a while to fathom out what was causing the following problem. Over the duration of composing a piece the title changed several times. When it came to finally printing out the score and its parts “Full Score’ outputted my file with the title as shown but when it came to printing the parts the title was different because the individual parts took their name from the ‘Project Info’ pane. Can’t think of a reason why you’d want this disparity, and unusual for Dorico in that changes of this nature are not performed universally. Just another thing to remember.

By default, every layout uses tokens to refer to the Project Info dialog, e.g. {@projectTitle@}.
If you overwrite those tokens on the individual page, they are overwritten only on that page in that layout.
In other words, don’t double-click on the title in Write mode: doing so will introduce a disparity. Type this stuff into Project Info instead.

The way that the project title is displayed by default is using a token that refers to the project title as set in Project Info, contained in a text frame on the First master page. Here’s a little run-down of information at the tops of pages by default.

Any changes you make directly onto one page, e.g. by entering the title directly on page 1 in the full score, are local to that layout (and indeed that page only). If you want to update the title, the best place to do that is in Project Info.

(Edit: I was diverted whilst writing and see Leo has written basically the exact same, so there you go :slight_smile: )

Thank you for that. Seems natural though to double click something to change it. To avoid any kind of disparity there should be a popup to choose whether to make the alteration globally or locally.

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Thanks Lillie for your input.