Tm-2 drum trigger not recording

Hi All,

So I’m using cubase 5. I just bought the Roland TM-2 drum module with two triggers for my kick and snare and I want to record them! I bought a MIO midi to USB connector to hook it up to my iMac. After a long frustrating time I finally got cubase to get a solid midi message going in but it’s not recording my notes! I’ve tried to go through a midi instrument with a vst like groove agent but still can’t record. I see the signal going in and I can send a signal to the module when I click on the notes on the drum map. Record and monitors are enabled but no sound comes out or the colored when I hit the trigger (but I see the midi in led bar go off)
Can anyone help? Am I missing something ?I really don’t care if there’s no sound with the recorded midi. I just need the notes recorded because I’m going to change the sounds anyway.
Thanks !