To a friend (feat. Delphia)


made a quiet song where Delphia’s exceptional vocals make 90 percent of the song :smiley:

Here`s the link to TO A FRIEND.

And a Happy New year!!


This is the kind of music I like a lot.
And Delphia has a great voice.
Cheers to her and your music.

Hi RuskinF,

Thank you :smiley: - Yes Delphia has a great voice, already have 3 songs with her on lead vocal.


Tor-Bjarne, just listened, it’s a great track; agree that Delphia’s vocals make the song.

very nice song indeed ,yes she has lovely voice and suits the song very well, the mix is a little strange at times the backing seems a little quiet ,the harmony`s and vocals sound great ,i would back off the first little guitar twiddle at 45 seconds cause it intrudes on the vocal, i like the guitar solo ,were you giving it some Tony Iommi licks at times lol . well done great tune.

Good song with a little bit of Latin influence, Delphia sounds great! I don’t want analyse this too deeply but the guitar solo ‘jarred’ my ear a bit here and there, although nicely executed.

All in all, good job! :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve always had a soft spot for Latin American music, especially Cuban and I particularly loved (still do) ‘Buena Vista Social Club’, although, sadly, some of the most significant older members are no longer with us… they were (are still?) the ‘real deal’ and I love that!

Hi All,

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Polgara - Ive removed the guitar solo at 45 sec. And actually reduced the reverb on the vocal a bit :slight_smile: @Mauri - Im trying (now) out some plugins to get as near the Sound of David Gilmore but without a huge budget it seems difficult :smiley:

@Earl21 - Thank you again for lessening to my music :slight_smile:


The female vocalist has a smooth and nice voice.

I liked the guitar solo.

Well done. Great work.

Hi Freya009,

Thank you!! :smiley: