to allow more memory to Cubase

I have a 16GB computer, and a Cubase proyect with 300 tracks, when I put the auto tune plugin on some tracks, then, suddenly the auto tune says that “out of memory, insuficient memory”.

I put “relaxed” the latency of the audio interface, but where can I put more memory to the Cubase program itself? I can mix because the program and the autotune don’t run.

We would need more information to help. What Operating System are you on? What version and build of Cubase do you have installed? Are you running it in 32 bit or 64 bit? Is your version of Auto-Tune running in 32 bit or 64 bit? Thank you.

Running in windows 10
Cubase v.5, 32 bits
Autotune v.6, 32 bits

I see some videos where they upload the amount of “virtual memory” but i don’t know if it is danger to upload more that the recomendable? I have 16GB RAM, a 3GB of virtual memory (but I don’t know what is virtual memory) how can I give more memory RAM to cubase? Thank you

If you run 64 bit for Cubase and the plugin then you would be able to access more RAM on the system. When you run at 32 bit, you’re basically limiting yourself to about 3.5 GB of usable RAM. I would also suggest checking with Antares to verify what they suggest to do with that error in Autotune if it persists in 64 bit.

One other note, Cubase 5 has been discontinued for many years and is not officially supported for Windows 10. I would suggest doing the trial of Cubase Pro 8.5 to see how that performs for you.