To Crossgrade to Cubase Pro 9.5 or Not?

Now to Cubase Pro 9.5 or Not?
Cubase 9.5. Has a lot of Cool Features. That I want and I like. But Do I have time for the Learning Curve?
And Has SteinBerg. Started giving good support.(Seems a lot of old complaints about their support.).

While there are a lot of Videos for Cubase 9.5. They really Do not Dive into. A real tutorial of Cubase.
(Of course I can Buy a Tutorial 4 it:). :angry: *Why I have not really moved ahead with Crossgradeing.

Steinberg also raised the price of the Crossgrade. When it was $299. It did not say Sale!

I have Cubase LE 9.5. But It is like a Foreign Land to me.

Also Like Info on the Best Tutorial(s). for Cubase.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly that’ s a question you are asking on a forum? - Stick to what you have and dont upgrade…

You can still find complaints about their support, you can just as well find just as many positive experiences. It’s not the Job of Tech Support to explain how the software works. So if that is what you expect a tech support to do, then no, you will probably not get “good support”.

The Complaints I have seen. Have nothing to do with Learning Cubase. A Lot are Good Tech Questions. That go unanswered.

Yes I ask it here. A lot of People have Many DAW’s. And A lot of Experience with 2-3 DAW’s and Cubase.

Cubase has Some Features. That No other DAW has.(Like almost all DAW’s do).
I Have Sonar Plat. Ableton Live. And PT 9.x

Sonar is now Free. Except. The TOS is Ambiguous in part. So I will not Use it. I will use my old copy. Until it dies.

But Cubase Draws me in.
So yes I need some help Deciding. And Where the Best Tutorials are. Since They all seem to offer the first couple of lessons free.
If Something Can get me Comfortable with Cubase environment. Then I can see. How Hard the Learning curve will be.

My favorite learning resource for Cubase has been books. Even older books about past versions of Cubase are very helpful, since the core UI philosophy of Cubase hasn’t changed dramatically from what it was. I even found two books at my local library. So those ended up being free resources. There are several books that are well thought-out, and those are what really started getting me comfortable with Cubase, far beyond searching through YouTube videos.

Yes, they aren’t free. But it’s been worth it because the more I learn about Cubase the more impressed I am. I’ve tried and even bought several other DAWs in the past and found myself at home with Cubase. And since the old books are still applicable, most can be purchased at a very low cost used, such as on eBay.

My favorite getting-started book is probably Power Tools for Cubase 7 by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth. He does the (excellent, but at a cost) AskVideo tutorials on Cubase.

The book Complete Guide to Music Technology Using Cubase 9.5 by Darren Jones is a new print book that will also get you from beginner into very deep levels of Cubase. It goes into other topics such as music theory and applies it to Cubase functions. It can be purchased here.

Otherwise I found these books at my local library and liked them so much I bought them used on eBay:
Fast Guide to Cubase 5 (Simon Milward)
Cubase SX 3 Ignite! (Grebler, Hawkins)

My only complaint about Cubase is the documentation, as far as tutorials go. The documentation serves well as a reference, but not IMO as a getting-started and walkthrough. But these books more than fulfill that, with the cost for them being low. They also move you beyond the tutorial stage into being walked through much deeper functions in Cubase. Try your library also. Since Cubase has been around for a long time, there may be books there. And those older ones have been good references.

Good advice and references.

Cubase evangelist here, so, yes, if you can go to Cubase Pro. Will there be a learning curve? Yes, there is. Is it worth it? IMHO, undoubtedly. It will take you months to get really comfortable with it, but, from day one, you’ll be hearing and making good sounds. The deeper you go, the deeper Cubase is.

At a certain levels of very advanced usage, there are some issues that crop up and there’s been some ragging about those – too much, imho – on these forums. My advice: Ignore it and, if you can, go Cubase Pro. Some high-end sound and audio pros use Cubase and Steinberg Products. See the youtube videos about their studios and work. It’s impressive. Listen to the “made with steinberg” tracks. Download the Trial Version and really get a feel for it. It’s a tremendous value – you get a lot for your money.

One to one, the tech support may be a bit slow at times, but, in the big picture, Steinberg does respond to what users’ want, if not every “ask.” I’m into my second version of Cubase and I’ve seen it develop based on what we users have asked for. No one’s going to be completely happy with everything. Not every point is addressed, there’s things we like and don’t like, but that’s true of anything. Anyway, try it before you buy it. :slight_smile: