"To Marker X" doesn't seem to work

When I use the function “To Marker X” (I have a Quick Key for it), the dialog comes up in the upper left corner of the screen and I enter the marker that I want to go to, and then…nothing happens. “Enter” or “return” after I punch the marker number in doesn’t work, nor does entering the number then waiting a second until the dialog disappears. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Could it be a focus issue ? Mixer open ?

Thanks peakae. Unfortunately no, the focus is definitely on the Project Windows. I wonder what it could be?

Ok, was just an idea because I noticed that zoom zap does not work when mixer has focus.
I will try to replicate when I get home.

There is something wrong with this. Please look at the minor issue I’m having with “To Marker X” command here:


For me it does work but it does not appear in the center like in CB9.
Strange as we’re both using a Mac.

Huh! I didn’t even know it existed before C9.5, but yeah that’s strange. I wonder why it’s not working at all here? Hmmmmm!

Strange indeed. Maybe try troubleshooting the usual, disable preferences, trash pref, re-install CB etc…
Just a thought, try changing the assigned key command to a different one and see if that does anything. Good luck!

works here. you have to enter numbers from the num-pad of the keyboard … do it within 2 seconds :mrgreen:

Weird, it just won’t work on my system for some reason!

I believe I find the solution. Please check this video, cause Texting is gonna take forever