to steinberg from Studio one User

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Hello I am using studio one 4.6 professional

I have cubase LE and , I upgraded it to the Pro version 10.5

I cannot use Cubase pro because I could not order the USB because of Covid19
I wish you all be safe …

The first thing… steinberg customer service is not good
a lot of customers they went to another DAW Because a lot of things
Cubase , neuendo , works only with USB Dongle …!!

they cant activates steinberg Softwares easily and they took hours and days to solve the problems, and some of them could not solve it
go check youtube videos , comments about issues …

I read a lot of customers problems, They sent an emails to find solution and now they ask some of them in the comments :
(Did u find a solution to this problem)

we are in 2020 and they using this old method elicenser usb dongle … !!
There is no objection to buying and using it to activate if this is the policy
But the program does not work except this USB, Every time when we running the Cubase ??
( we have no problem using the USB Dongle to Activate , but after that it must be plugged only if we have an updates )

This indicates lack of respect for the customer
if the usb missed what can I do ? if the usb damged on my laptop bag I will lose my sessions, I cant do any thing and maybe if I get the new dongle cant download it again

I bought a lot of product that’s require a hard disk and USB flash memory to activation , after activation I no longer use the usb to run the software , this makes the customers more comfortable from being lost or malfunctioning… I bought a lot of software form the biggest international companies like ADOBE
I can use my adobe collection with out USB and the collections can be transferred on any device provided that the collections is on only one device …

The worlds has changed and now we are use laptops and small pcs … and we cannot plug this dongle all times…!!

they have any plan to make the usb elicenser only for activation ?
after activation we can use the cubase without USB Dongle
we do not mind when receiving an update we plug this dongle again…

Please Steinberg : make some changes to your approach in your very old way…
Which makes the user afraid of losing everything due to any damage, they are buying ur products and u TREAT HIM LIKE A PRISONER …

I bought studio one professional they gave me 5 copies I can managed every device in my presonus profile ADD NEW , EDIT , DELETE USERS …
(and thier customer care is very good) most people now use studio one just a download link and the way to activate it is simple it does not require
more waiting and we can run the software freely without any USB

With presonus I have remote control app to the DAW for studio one I cant easily record my self with my android mobile ,
why you don’t have REMOTE APP FOR IOS & ANDROID (Avid also they have app i can use it with cubase)… this is a very modern way
the customers will grow up with every service u offer them

support android ? the android users its more than apples more Cubase user I know them using android phone and android tablet

support multitouch for Cubase 11 we are now use a touch screen monitors for pc and touch laptops
let users freedom choose between (2 modes) TOUCH MODE … STANDARD MODE most users now have to complete the mix with windows tablets and this causes the user to purchase more than one copy

PIANO ON SCREEN In the midi section make ur software’s CREATIVE add a full touch piano on screen with large keys for touch playng and record at the same time … this makes it easier to compose any where without any external device a lot of people now use touch device laptops, pcs , tablets

ROLAND ZENBEATS DAW SOFTWARE they add beautiful multitouch support and scale ur size manual and piano on screen but the software its for beginners

4k support ??
This problem is one of Steinberg’s very troublesome problems
My screen is for 4k, and when I run Studio One, it works with me smoothly, on any screens, and even waves plugins , studio rack and Native instrument (Kontakt).

I cannot operate it properly and clearly in Cubase, even though Studio One with one press of a button I can fix it, knowing that Studio One sometimes without any thing works automatically.
When will Steinberg prolong this topic? I participated in this forum to share this topic with you. I found many talking about it. I sent a lot of emails to Steinberg a lot about many problems and they not responses.

I know that some other plugins companies bear part of the problem, but since they are working well in Studio One, Steinberg has no excuse for not supporting the screens.
It is not logical to add it in the next update 11 and we buy this update because finally this is not an additional feature this is a basic problem …

when steinberg hear our voices ? and take care of customers and their opinions

I attach 2 pics to compare between Cubase scaling and studio one

I wish u all the best
Best regards

On all pirate torrents, lies Studio One Pro v.4.6. Why buy it!
Whereas with Cubase, starting with v.6 pirates have big problems. I 'm for the dongle, but against politics: – one dongle is one copy.
Please forgive my English.

i love Cubase , and i respect Steinberg they have very Good products Hardware , and software …
Let me tell you a story I have an old mixer and it is from a well-known company and this mixer allowed me to use as audio Interface but there was a problem in the sudden interruption between the mixer and the computer and I conducted many tests and solutions until I thought that the problem I had and when trying the mixer on another device was the same result I thought the problem was with the mixer or the USB cable
I changed the cable, I changed the settings, until I contacted the company
They answered me that they would test the problem
I forgot about this topic until a month ago, I did not receive any response from them … On the day when I was browsing my email I found a letter from them that the reason for the problem is that the drivers of mixer is for Windows 7 and that the mixer is very old and almost no one is using this mixer now … The nice thing about the topic is that they attached to me The Driver for Windows 10 and told me that the Driver was added primarily on the site

This is what I hope from Steinberg , good attention to customers, hear their opinions and solve their problems …

I have been using the Pro version in my friend’s studio and I am constantly trying it very much
I even used the LE version, and I liked this version also despite its simplicity, but I found problems with the computer screen as I use for 4K and a lot now uses higher screens than my screen and we became in the year 2020, meaning that it is necessary for companies to support the screens and their differences

The products that we buy are not cheap until we leave the subject my right as a user to enjoy everything I have without having to change the settings of the screen to a lower settings Blurry Cubase !!! some settings a lot bigger some settings soo tiny !!!

When I change the screen settings through Windows, some other applications do not work properly … It is my right to use my softwares that I bought at a high price with all the quality of my screen, which was also expensive

i need to move without the USB Dongle everywhere as if I am an employee who signs off and leaves

Thats all about it

Cubase could be more laptop friendly.
It is a fact that as. much as lots of media composers work with huge systems, a lot of todays mainstream music is initially made on laptops at homes

No Dongle
Reduce the app size. Make the 20plus gigs download separate and optional. So even someone with a MacBook Air with 128gb HD and mediocre internet speed should not be put off by the download size and try Cubase.
Trackpad pinch zoom
Update the GUI to use it more wisely. Not everyone uses 3 monitors to split main window mixer plugins etc.
For example
Get rid of 10s of empty slots for inserts and sends on inspector so that the area can be used more economically to show more at one given time without the need to open mixer or other windows all the time. For example you can not see track features when in key editor. So when you edit some notes you have to go to the main window to show the fader on inspector to reduce the volume or insert a plugin which is weird.
Show Fader, inserts and sends at the same time on docked mixer
Make all user preferences and content available to be on external drive for fast transition between systems. I should just grab my external drive with all my settings and user presets and open it on my main system without collecting them from various weird places on my system drive all the time.

Of course these all depend on that Steinberg wants to target the young demographic who rules the mainstream music today and choose Ableton or FL mostly.
Otherwise all is good and I am drunk :slight_smile:

thanks to ur comments
the best solution is Enable the user as (Adobe programs)
From choosing screen mode
Standard Mode and Touch Mode

With this addition, I’m sure Steinberg has time to market it, this new feature will bring new customers
Steinberg is very slow in the development of some necessary needs
The company must be proactive and see other programs such as design programs, for example, and video production programs.
What they offer are options that facilitate the user interface
This would be great
There is a free program from Roland
His name is Zenbeats, accompanied by a new experience suitable for use with touch and many options suitable for all screens
Even in this free program, there is a manual control to change the sizes according to your screen size

i hope steinberg will be more creative To attract new customers and keep their lovers from switching to any other DAW

I think the ancient code is responsible for a lot of this. The code of Cubase is so huge and old, it’s not so easy to change anything because it can damage a lot. That’s probably the reason why you can’t move the channels in the mixer, for example. Steinberg would fix something so trivial if it was easy.

If that is the case, Steinberg has only one reasonable choice: to reprogram cubase from scratch and leave the old ballast behind.


Certainly your words are correct
I see companies, for example, as Microsoft
She programmed their latest system Windows 10 from 0
It is a computer system and not a program
Also, regarding Apple, it did such things

So what prevents the re-engineering and programming of Cubase from the beginning, it is a program and not an operating system and the program is reprogramming much easier than the operating system I know that Cubase is a huge program
But the Cubase market should challenge, my own opinion, and they are able to do so
Now it is compared to programs that were intended for beginners
This is what should be done because they will face many difficulties in developing

This is what we need almost in cubase

DP10 User Interface Scaling …

While I’m not a big fan of the dongle I still prefer it over a monthly approach that Adobe are pushing its customers through.

Each method has its pros and cons., and as above so many people are running pirated versions of studio one, Steinberg have done a great job in protecting its software as a comparison.

I just wish you got the option of a second dongle with same license on, that would be me happy.

thank u for ur comment

I expect that the Cubase customers have significantly reduced
New programs evolve quickly in the event that Cubase has made a monthly subscription
It will drop more (I don’t expect from Steinberg to move us from the pit to the grave)

i know a lot of folks they didn’t go with cubase the reason is the dongle …
if they make it monthly i am the first one i will go to other DAW
80% studios around the world they using Protools
lately they changed the way of pay to monthly paid
Despite his popularity, he began to decrease
i saw youtube videos about switch to other DAW and they was used protocols from years
proved that people do not like difficulties …
Regarding Adobe, she knows that she does not have any competitors, but in the event that a suitable alternative comes, he has a huge library of all programs, he will not be able to withdraw the market quickly.
The Protools are still clinging to their last days because the whole world is using them
Now look to explain anything About DAWs or plugins sweetwater channels in YouTube, you will find that they are using either Studio One or the Reaper, ableton which are professional programs now and are supported in many studios.
The reason is good support , fast developing, easy to pay to transfer to other PC more than one copy

i really hope steinberg to see this topic

I don’t know whether that is true.

However, As a long time Logic Pro user. I decided to try a windows 10 machine for my music and from an outside perspective Cubase was very appealing. The Steinberg video content and tutorials on youtube really impressed me, and the features inside Cubase are brilliant when i tried the demo.

I also see a lot of people on forums moving to Cubase, especially if they are wanting a cross platform (Apple and Windows) software DAW. I feel as though the userbase is growing, rather than reducing. But no-one really knows.

New programs evolve quickly in the event that Cubase has made a monthly subscription
It will drop more (I don’t expect from Steinberg to move us from the pit to the grave)

I can imagine Cubase moving to a monthly payment if/when they stop the dongle. It has been previously reported that Steinberg plan to change the licensing system and this includes removing the need for a dongle. The two big reasons that are negative for Cubase is 1) The dongle, 2) The price. I think a monthly subscription addresses both those negatives for customers.

Now look to explain anything About DAWs or plugins sweetwater channels in YouTube, you will find that they are using either Studio One or the Reaper, ableton which are professional programs now and are supported in many studios.

Sweetwater have a VERY good relationship with Presonus. Presonus have used sweetwater to launch and promote their products in the past, so that makes sense.

Lucky i don’t really care what DAW people use, i pick what works best for myself. But Steinbergs online presence with their live youtube ‘hangouts’ did play a part in me transferring over from Logic i must admit.

Thank you
i love cubase is amazing DAW

I mean Cubase was ranked second after Protools for so many years
Now is different competitors have become a lot
For example, Digital Performance agrees with its extensive video support
He took a large share of the Cubase market
Movie authors now use Digital Performance because it is the most widely supported video editing program
also do you know anyone who uses Nuendo?

I expect Sweetwater is support PreSonus but I mentioned it as an example
The example was that if I am looking for ways to teach a certain thing or some additional new plugins I find the user explaining in one of the programs that I said before
Really, I do not wish the payment to become a monthly, as this is backwards step
the solution dongle required only for activation and upgrades updates

Steinberg should move forward, bring comfortable needs, and give away annoying things to the users
And developing the program by hearing the opinions of customers and differently from the rest, in order to preserve its fans

Very happy to speak with you


I have used both. Studio One for many years too.

now i am completely on cubase again…
the reason is as follows:

Studio One has become obsolete ! :bulb:

We now have all the features in Cubase that have made S1 great:
more Inserts, Automation Bezier Curves, Audio Event Effects, ARA integration, VSTi pics and a new normal browser (right zone), track colours in mix console e.g.

and think about all the unique wonderful features/effects/VSTis etc. in cubase that S1 doesn’t have…

I have now uninstalled Studio One.

Cubase is DAW king. No doubt. :wink:

BTW: the dongle is not the problem. that are excuses. Who seriously works with it in the studio doesn’t mind. fact.


That maybe doesn’t apply to 80-90+% of the userbase, though. Vast majority of users for any DAW are hobbyists who’s other ‘serious’ work enables them to invest into software like Cubase. And very many have both a desktop and laptop for music for the software to run on.

I have a studio where i work from during the day which has everything connected, and i also like to compose/mix at night from a laptop inside my house. This means that i have to go to the studio, pick the dongle up, before i can even load Cubase at night. OR, i have to transport the dongle with me 24/7 just incase i need to use the software at any given time on either machines.

So whether you’re “seriously” working with it or not, the dongle is certainly a big consideration when looking to buy. And that’s why Steinberg have hinted at moving away from it in future.

This has nothing to do with “hobbyists vs. pro users”. And has nothing to do with “laptops vs. desktop computers”.

80-90+% work at a fixed place - because of speakers, keyboards and other instruments, microphones, recording space etc.

Nobody can tell me that he produces his songs in the train, in restaurants or in the bus shelter… (…) :unamused:

the current dongle is super small (barely 1 1/2 cm!) In studios absolutely no problem to handle.

(hint: you also take care of your front door keys or your daily pills!)

I have a second dongle - a second Cubase license at home.
There are enough cheap Cubase deals and crossgrade offer over the year.
Another easy solution is to use Cubase Elements on Laptop, if you don´t like a dongle when you go outdoor.

People spend so much money on plugins, studio acoutic treatmens, instruments, hardware and many more… - but they are stingy with the main tool?? the daw?? :confused:
Cubase is >cheap !
somebody summarized it well: buying Retrologue II, Padshop, GrooveAgent, Magento II, Quadrafuzz 2, the ChannelStrip, Frequency EQ (works like Fabfilter EQ3!) would cost separately 650,- Euros only… without a daw (Cubase!) :bulb:

So I do not share the whining. Sorry…



Many years ago I owned and operated a mid sized commercial studio using ProTools and Samplitude. Place was contracted for 5 days to cut basic tracks for a group’s major label master session, with a producer/engineer who preferred to work in Cubase…OK with me.

We downloaded it, used his dongle he brought from LA…as well as his plug in ilok key…yes, he had backups to each. Who process took about 90 min download and install. I was so impressed I purchased a 2d hand PC from a friend that featured a licensed copy of C4, used it for about 5 yrs.

The dongle/license key/whatever just ain’t that big a deal. Now, TDM, AAX, and that sort of propriety silliness is.

It’s sad enough that you cannot empathise with others on the subject, but to further dismiss it as ‘whining’ is quite an ignorant stance to take. But hey, it’s your opinion, and i can only present you with a different perspective.

There’s no clear feature request here, the thread is more of a general discussion about how other programs compare to Cubase. I’ll move it to the lounge.

Thank you all …
everyone’s has opinion that must be respected
And I respect all opinions
These were my opinions, and they hold me back at work

If our opinions are not respected
We offered it and you accept it or reject it

But I still insist on it, because it is my opinion and my way of working, not excuses
They are not additional features but rather basic demands

thank you all

Hope, this will at least help you with the 4k display.