To Tech Support:Will there be a fix for 8.0.3 before 8.5 ?

Hello Steinberg,

will there be an update that fixes the current issues with 8.0.3 ?
I had to roll back to 8.0.1 to maintain a working system (8.0.2 did not work very well either).
Before releasing (and selling) 8.5, I would first see the previous version fixed - not knowing what new problems occur with 8.5 and - to find out - have to buy the update first.

The screen shots presented by Frog look like that is a bigger update and not a bug fix release.



The update for Cubase 8.0.x is scheduled for a release on Dec 22nd.

That is a good news. I really like working in 8.03 except for the stuttering issues when using the pencil tool. Hope that is fixed!

Hi Ed,

thanks for the update, looking forward to it.



I am curious why this hasn’t been posted yet?

Or maybe I just missed it…