To Update/Upgrade or Not?


I’m a newbie here, but not to Cubase. I’m a home recording enthusiast and songwriter - one man show now. Used VST, then LE until CS4 and then CS5. I have been using CS5.1.1 with the iMac, Firestudio, and a few plugins. It all functions very well with extremely few glitches, if any. I have not updated to 5.5.2 or now 5.5.3 yet. I like the idea of more instruments and sounds and VariAudio if I upgraded to C6, but I have to move up to Snow Leopard as well. Feeling a little nervous about potentially screwing up what already works on my system…shall I jump? Any opinions about all this would be most appreciated.


If it were me id go for C6. It might actually be a pretty painless transition to what really is a pretty stable platform from its launch. plus it looks bad ass and from where your coming from, is loaded with new features.

Thanks for the input goddfodder! I’ll keep checking the C6 OS10.6.7 discussions too, but I probably can’t hold off too much longer before I go for the C6. Anyone else with a similar system doing this upgrade?

The OSX upgrade I did do it too.
I think it’s recommendable though i also remember the sentence “never touch a running system”…
upgrades always have a mess-up potential…

Concerning upgrade to C6: I honestly have to say that I will ignore it. I’ll stick to the fact, that sometimes it’s wise to leave out one version.
Why? You don’t get used to run after every upgrade, sometimes the benefits are small but the price is respectively high. And in my case: I don’t see any obvious reason which would make the change to C6 really necessary. I’ll wait for C7 I guess :wink:
C4 to C5 was good, lots of good & new features I could need. but C5 to C6: from my point of view C5 is good enough and features are not worth it. Specifically: As a producer and not “recorder” lots of benefits in C6 do not apply for me. If I’d work with more raw audio material I perhaps would think about it again…

Good information, thanks. So I’ve now upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.7, and Cubase Studio 5.1.1 is running as smoothly as ever. I’ve read some other posts where 5.5 is not so wonderful…I’m going to stick with 5.1.1 and order C6 now since that’s a worthwhile jump from Studio 5.

Cheers indeed!