To windows 10 (1903) users

Hello Fellow Cubase users.
I have installed windows 10 1903 both via upgrade and clean installation via usb on a couple of different computers.
I have as routine when new version of windows 10 will run SFC / SCANNOW via CMD on all computers.
irrespective of computer, clean installation from usb stick or upgrade found that SFC / SCANNOW finds fault as it repairs
This has nothing to do with upgrading, but seems to be a little bug in the release that is currently up for download.

So incase you have uppgraded to the new windows 10 1903
open the CMD in admin mode and run SFC /SCANNOW
to make sure windows is not having any minor buggs

Other then this i am happy to report
Cubase 10 is working with no issues for me.


Interesting recommendation. Just wondering if there has there been a wide spread reported issue by MS? My system says there is no issues…

My results…
“Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations”

Regards :sunglasses:

Could be some system based Stuff.
As far as i can tell system is working and this is just a ”make sure” situation. No harm in runbing SFC -Scannow

Did the 1903 update today also, and tested Cubase and other stuff, everything works just fine.
Biggest advantage I guess is the now almost unlimted amount of FLS instead of max.128
A project I was working on with only 15 slots left now says 128(with the Filechecker plugin), I gues this p[lugin does not go any higher.

The new limit is now : 4000 :wink:

I have to reconsider my view on the windows 1903 update.
AFter working a couple of projects in C10 I now have many dropouts and everytime it is the windows ntoskrnl.exe that gives hughe spikes to be seen in the LatencyMon.
I came across some other people having this issue since W10 1903, but noit really a working solution found which worked for me.
Any help on this one? Before the 1903 update I did not have any issues in W10.

Do you have a Sata to Hard Drive Caddy installed? This guy had this problem and fixed it:

Otherwise, I don’t know. I’ll let you know if I have any problems myself. Just had the update come through today.

Maybe this update will help.

Regards. :sunglasses: