To Yosemite or not to Yosemite

I read that Yosemite is officially compatible with Pro 8 but I was hoping to hear from other users regarding their success with 10.10 before I take the plunge from Mavericks…How is it working so far in your opinion?

Many thanks in advance

I wouldn’t do it. I just bought a Mac Pro with Yosemite preinstalled and it hasn’t been pretty.

I just had to file a crash report after really using Cubase heavily for the first time. I was using Steven Slate Drums 4, loaded a hi-hat and right as it was finishing loading, the entire program crashed for the second time. The first time it just crashed as the drums were playing already loaded sounds.

I’m incredibly frustrated with a new OS and a new version of Cubase at the same time because lord only knows which one is causing the issue.

I’ve been using Yosemite for a little while with C8 aand its been stable however there are several plugins that won’t install that I like to use.

On Mavericks it seemed i would have more crashes in C8 than in yosemite. But that might just be some different plugin usage from my side.
i would ask myself “why” you would want to install yosemite instead of mavericks. if you have some serious arguments for it - just do it, maybe on an extra drive, so you can go back to mavericks if your mileage varies.

Aloha guys, just to chime in,

Got a new MacBookPro (running Yosemite) and
C8P is as smooth as silk. Dream machine.

I did have to wait several months for all my 3rd party
software to become Yosemite compatible
but it was worth the wait.

Have not opened C7.5 for quite some time now.

Trés happy camper here. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Good Luck!


also here C8 and Yosemite running great.
Had a few crashes so far ( 3rd Party Plugin related).

It’s fine, fast and stable.
Go for it!


At this point, both my MBP and Mini are running Yosemite. The MBCP was updated from a relatively recent clean install of Mavericks. The Mini was an initial clean installation of everything about 8 months ago.
C8 was installed on both. No issues.

Make a chart of all your critical plug-ins and other apps. Do a web search for Yosemite compatibility to be sure there are no significant issues before upgrading.

Hard drives are cheap. Clone your current system onto a separate external hard drive. Update the clone to Yosemite. Give it a road test. If there are unforeseen complications. No problem - your main system is intact.

Running smooth here. Some well known bugs but they aren’t OS related, as far as I know.

Working fine on my mac.

Has been working pretty well here on both yosemite and mavericks. but in my opinion i had more crashes of cubase 8 under mavericks. so yes, i would upgrade to yosemite.

kind regards!

Thanks Everyone for the tips

I took the plunge yesterday and updated to Yosemite…Everything was working well until I started experimenting with my various Waves plugins then bam Cubase started crashing when I would select the plugin or change between plugins. I’ve deleted the Waves plugins from my system for now and so far no crashes but I would really like to integrate them again if possible

Anyone else experience this issue?

try completely deleting the waves plugins (uninstaller included?) and reinstalling them from the latest waves update (maybe this will uninstall them at install).

kind regards

+1 for C8 on Yosemite