Today: New software Tools for URC

Installed and beside the fancy looking FX(which I don;'t care about) nothing new. One of the most basic upgrades I hoped for was CHANGING the channel-names. But no, apparenly Yamaha/Steinberg does not care about this. SHould not be too difficult I guess, every other major software-mxer has this feature. AFter a waiting a year nothing…What a bummer !!!

On the website it also says “as well as updating the Firmware”, but all the versionnumbers are still the same, so I believe nothing happened there. Only the DspFXmix has been updated.

I just noticed this was available, you are brave installing it so quickly :slight_smile:
They made a deal out of adding function of voice chat mode which is very underwhelming and not interesting to me at all.
Hopefully their next rack interface that’s not crazy money will have the features and better software to control things. How they can not let us change channel names by now is a bit ridiculous.

Well, in my opinion this update is great.

The firmware update was a bit scary, as it failed halfway through. But second attempt was successful.

Tools update was quite welcome simply because last version didn’t work at all for me. I had to roll back to the very first version of tools before. Now it’s working fine. The dsp plugin gui is much better now.

I quite like the chat mode as I’m using it with skype and zoom a lot these days. On the other hand I don’t care about channel names that much.

So overall I am happy with this update.

Got the Firmware update now, no problem installing it. Still it’s a great bummer for me not to be able to rename all 16 inputs, can;t be that hard to fix I guess. Have to wait another year for the next update? It will never happen…