Together (Les Paul, Fender Strat, PRS custom) - Vanhaye

Gibson Les Paul Classic vs
Fender Stratocaster Elite vs
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24.
The legends of 70 electric guitar development.
It has formed the pop music where it is now.
This song - TOGETHER - brings them together.
No battle, but each with its own character.

Nice tune, and nice showcasing of each guitar’s qualities. Just suggesting that the “rhythm section” was a bit too subdued, although what you had there did suit the tune. As someone who’s primarily been a bass player throughout my musical life, I would’ve enjoyed a bit more prominence for the bass and drums. I think that might make the performance seem a bit more dynamic. That’s very subjective on my part. If you’re happy with what you did, I’ll give a “thumbs up” to your vision for the piece.

Wouldn’t be a Peter Green fan, would you? :wink:

Lovely tones from all the guitars, nice laid back tune well executed, the word comfortable comes to mind.


The guitars used are the life of the show. Every guitar played to its uniqueness and strengths.

A substantial touch of bass and drums would bring more good to the music.

The music is dynamic in itself.