Toggle between two open windows in Cubase

Hi! MacOS user here.

I’d like to have the same functionality CMD+TAB has, but with windows in Cubase, not apps. In other words, I’d like to be able to:
cycle between open windows (if I hold down the COMMAND key between each backtick key press) and also
toggle between two windows (if I release COMMAND between each backtick key press).

Unfortunately, only cycling back (cmd+shift+backtick) and forth (cmd+backtick) through open windows is possible. Toggling with the same key combination is not possible.

Please make this possible in Cubase! Thank you.

I wonder – on Windows I get the toggle behavior with opt+tab. Have you tried that? Though here it cycles through all open windows.

I ask though, because this is one of the main differences between the palforms.

Nothing happens when I press opt+tab. But on WinOS, the shortcut for cycling through windows is CTRL+TAB, not OPT+TAB (do you even have “OPT” key on a windows computer?).

On mac the ALT+TAB equivalent doesn’t cycle through all open windows. Only through apps…

There’s an alt key. I use a Mac keyboard, option key equals alt

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You can cycle through open windows with CMD+` (it’s an accent, not a ‘backtick’), that’s all you get with the Mac, this isn’t Windows.

Its part of the system shortcuts that have been in MacOS, OS X and Mac OS for ages…

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Interesting that Apple calls that the Grave Accent – which it is, but also that symbol has many names, and and interesting back story.


Well great. now I’ll probably call it both haha. Never heard ‘backtick’ for it before but then again I didn’t use that command or feature until I started using Mac’s, so its always been an ‘accent’ to me. I always tell people to use the tilde key anyways. :laughing:

Today I learned what a backtick is. Thanks. However, I will remain calling it accent grave (with a French accent to annoy the Brits :grin:).

I’m glad y’all learned something new. I also had to look up the name of this key, so actually we all learned something new. Ok, maybe @steve already knew (because he’s an English native speaker), but anyway…

I think my current feature request would be very useful when editing outside of the studio (where you don’t have multiple displays or even a single large one). On a 15.6 inch display you want your windows to be as maximized as possible, which is why you’d also need a way to go through your open windows as easier as possible (especially when working with the Score Editor).

Something like this menu would be nice:
window toggler

And it would be useful only if it worked in the same way “ALT/CMD+TAB” does. That is, it would be useful only if you’d be able to toggle between any two open windows (by releasing the modifier key between pressing the full key combination).

Since all of this, except for the graphics you posted, already works nicely on a PC I have a feeling that this is rather OS dependent than Cubase dependent.
Cycling is: Ctrl + Tab
Toggling is: Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Is your FR present in other Mac based programs?


No. First combination is cycling forward. Second combination is cycling backward.

No. Cycling forward/backward is also available on MacOS. My request is about toggling with the same keyboard shortcut (key command / combination).

If that’s what you think, ok. I don’t think “ctrl+tab / ctrl+shift+tab” works the same as “alt+tab”, but that’s only what I think…

It is not what I think, it is what I am doing. I am not just writing this down to annoy you. It actually works on Windows.
Certain elements of window management are handled by the OS. Why are you so hostile?

It is still a valid FR, I am not trying to take that away from you. However, Steinberg would have to program that as a Mac-only feature because on Windows it works as per OS.

What are you referring to? Cycling through windows back and forth? If yes, I also agree it works (also on MacOS), but this not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is the ability to toggle between any two windows using the same keyboard combination. Also, I’m talking about the ability to reorganize windows in the same way alt/cmd+tab does it. For example, say I have the following windows open:
1) project window, 2) score editor, 3) key editor, 4) list editor, and they cycle in this order.
How do you quickly tell your computer that you want to toggle between 1 and 3? And the answer to that is: Even though you can do it (by opening the two windows from the taskbar/dock), you can’t do it as quickly as you’d do it with your keyboard. Another problem is that you have to be careful to press the right key combination (when “toggling” between one or the other).
No no no no no! Triggering a toggle action should be simple!

That is what happens in Cubase when you use Ctrl + Shift + Tab on Windows.

Isn’t “CTRL + SHIFT + Tab” for cycling backwards?