Toggle between used CC lanes in Key Editor

If this is already possible, please let me know. I did a google search and didn’t find anything on this subject.

I tend to use a lot of CC lanes in my projects for articulations, volume, panning, velocity, expression, modulation, various script-triggering events and so forth. Being able to display multiple lanes in the key editor is probably suitable for most users. However, I’m legally blind in both eyes, and usually need my lanes to be as large as possible, without taking up too much space in the actual note-entry part of the window. The more articulations a patch demands, the less possible this becomes.

What I propose is for a way to switch between the asterisked CC lanes within a single lane in the key editor, via a keypress or some kind of bindable shortcut. At the moment, it takes me somewhere around 5-7 seconds to go to the lane I want to change and switch to another one (I use magnification, but that does not necessarily make the process faster). If this feature could be implemented so that it only took mere milliseconds, that would improve my workflow by magnitudes.

I can easily imagine how something along these lines would improve the workflow of anyone who used CC controls more than a little, including those without any vision problems whatever. So:


While you wait for this to be implemented… :wink:

If you create controller lane presets you can assign keystrokes to them. These presets recall the size of the lane as well as the CC. There are 16 slots, Controller Lane Setup 1…16 in Key Commands:MIDI