Toggle for hide/show empty staves?


Is there a toggle, or something close to that, for hiding and showing empty staves? It’s pretty easy to do in Sibelius, but seems pretty involved in Dorico. I find it convenient when working with a big score to bounce back and forth. Otherwise, I might as well compose in Galley View.

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My advice would be to compose in galley view : it’s meant to be the working space where you don’t care about how it looks, only what you need to write. There’s a filter to help you get rid of instruments you don’t need to see and it’s very convenient.
Once all the music is written (or almost), you can go to page view and benefit from Dorico’s automatic behavior. This is how the tool has been meant to be used… Try not to fight the software :wink:


As @MarcLarcher has described, you can filter whatever instruments you want in Galley View.

I have a few different sets of filters I use regularly that are 2 clicks away.

Good advice, Marc.

I also now see that if I compose in Page View (as is my custom because it allows me to focus on the instruments that are actually active) I can merely go to Galley View for a moment and type in notes for some other instrument that I now want to enter the texture of the music. Then that instrument shows up in Page View. So it seems that the “toggle” I need (if I am to continue composing in Page View) is actually to just switch quickly into Galley to find the staves for that instrument.

Part of my problem, I suspect, is that I still think in Sibelius…

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Another alternative is to create another full score layout, and set one full score to hide empty staves and the other to show them. You can then switch between these two layouts as required. When you’re done, delete the layout you don’t want to keep, this won’t delete any of the music.

Layouts = “views”, at least in part and that can be a way to use them.


That’s a great idea!

Alt-cmd-1/2 is the way to travel fast between page and galley view!
Quit the Sibelius way of thinking, or use Sibelius!

And there’s a shortcut for switching between consecutive Layouts too!