Toggle function between layouts

Is there an existing toggle function to move between layouts? Thanks.

You can put them in separate tabs (new tab-command T) and switch around with one click.

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Thank you. The Shift-Opt-[ doesn’t seem to do what you suggest, meaning it doesn’t appear to move between current and last but instead cycles through which isn’t much better or quicker than using the mouse. Am I missing something.

There is w, which toggles between full-score and the part that has the selected note (this is when you have selected a note, obviously). Really fast and useful.

Indeed. That is fast but is not what I am after. I would like to go between layout and layout which of course could be part to part or part to full score or full score to piano vocal or what have you. Basically a current to last used function. Sort of like Command-Tab on Mac. Actually, exactly like that. Thanks.

There must be a way to navigate through tabs without using the mouse…

Here is a screen shot from:

On a Mac, if Cmd-Tab doesn’t work try Ctrl-Tab.


(And the equivalent topic from the latest manual – )

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Hi Lillie! For your information, right before I posted my last post, I searched the manual with “navigate through tabs” and could not reach that page. Only the one where I can change layouts with the alt-shift-[/] shortcuts (which do not apply on my French keyboard, but that’s another topic, I know my shortcuts :wink: )

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⌘-Tab is supposed to be for switching applications on Mac, so I changed my shortcuts for moving between tabs in Dorico to ⌘⇧[ and ] to match my browser shortcuts.

Thanks to all. The key to this was having Tabs open. Which I guess could be put under the category of Duh!

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