Toggle return to start position on stop (Solved)

Hello, I’m after knowing how I can toggle between return to start position on stop and normal, with out having to go into preferences. Can i set up a short cut key or something to implement this? or have 2 stop keys that perform differently? Depending on what I’m doing I need both features.

If not this is a feature request. Thank you.

You can set up a key command or you can use “0” pn the numPad

Yep hit numpad 0 once for stop and again for return to last play-start position .

Yep or hit [space] once and then numPad 0 to return to last play-start position.
Or if you´re very brave, change between 0 and space every 2nd time…

Yep :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Guess i’m going to have to get used to the rhythm of that. Pressing 0 and space again or space, space will reset ones start point.

I was hoping for a 1 press solution to toggle the option tab. Enabling the double tap space bar for fast restarting, then to press another key to revert it to the stop and stay at place, or creating an alternate short cut key for the second option. When I tried to make a stop short cut it still behaved in the manner the option tab is selected.

It’s all about keeping that double space bar tap.

Or just use the keypad to quickly set markers and return to them.
For example Ctrl 3 to set marker 3 and just hit 3 to return to it. All on the keypad.
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 can be used, I use 3 as a a floating kind of marker I constantly set to where I work.
But I agree it would be great with a one key return to last start position, I have tried with macros and AutoHotKey scripts but never got it working.

Its definitely something useful. Go to File >Key commands and search for “on stop”.

Set up a key thats easy for you. I have it on the key above Tab.

@peakae. Yes, i tried that too. Using the keypad 3 is another solution however, this one has the disadvantage of returning and an instant restart. I may want to pause for a few seconds, depending on my flow.

Edit: I will add sometimes that’s an advantage.

Ahh. Hesca116, you posted as I was commenting, i’ll try that now. Yes… that’s the one.

Key Commands/Preferences/Transport - Return to start position on stop.

I set up keypad Enter to be my short cut key. Now simply pressing enter will toggle how my Spacebar behaves. Exactly what i was looking for.

Thank you.

Not bad, thanks will use that one too :slight_smile:

Hi guys. I never like the Nuendo´s way to “pause” the play.
Cause i want one simple Key to do PAUSE, like an old transport, or like SONY VEGAS do, (i dont understand why Steinberg never did it) i proceed to make a MACRO engaged to a KEY like this:

Go to FILE, KEY COMMANDS, (active show macros) Create Macro:
and name it :stuck_out_tongue:AUSE.
Select in Transport: SET MARKER 9 (or the number you want)… ADD COMMAND
Select in Transport: TO MARKER 9 (must be the same number)… ADD COMMAND
Select in Transport: STOP …ADD COMAND

And you choose a Key… (I choose the “.” DOT to the right of the zero)
Select the macro “PAUSE” and Type in key (press the key you want to assign) and OK…

READY, you have the better PAUSE solution ever.

When you are editing, PLAY, pause, Play pause. And the screen flows with you.
Its simple, You will love it. And so easy to do.

Tell me if it was good for you too.
(sory for my “indian” english)


As this is still the first result in Google for this question, i tink it is a good idea to post this solution here ( even if i’m on C11 right now ) :

Some Preferences settings are accessible via Key Commands ( Edit > Key Commands > Preferences ), so you can assign a key shortcut to toggle it.

As for me, the best way would be two different Key for the two behavior ( ex : space for “return to start”, and any other key for “do not return to start position on stop” )…

solution from this video :
Toggle return to start position shortcut

Ahh yes, we’re still here!

disappointingly… yes…