Toggle tools by holding shortcut

hi there!

is there a way to toggle tools by holding and let go of a shortcut key?

like the ALT key → cut event/part?

but for other tools?

right now i have “o” set to zoom tool, it would be great if i can hold that key, zoom area and let go of the key to return to previous tool (selection tool for most people i guess).

same for mute and range would be handy (in my case)



Unfortunately this is not possible. Only the modifiers are available and just some tools.

The list of available Actions is defined in the Preferences and cannot be augmented by the user. Only the keys assigned to the Modifiers can be changed. An extension of the Action list would therefore require an application change (=> feature request).


If I’m not mistaken (I’m not with Cubase at this moment), it’s Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers.

thanks for the reply

i was wondering if there were other ways to toggle zoom, range tool and other tools with holding ALT, besides the pref setting…
i should have said that, sorry.

i will put in a feature request


There is a dedicated command for every single tool, you probably know this.

If you are using MIDI Remote, you could program any button to work this way:

  • press: Tool A
  • release: Tool B

For Zooming, I’m using the Key Commands (I don’t switch to the Zoom tool), what I find the fastest.

I have mapped the zoom key commands (Shift+H/G I believe) to Ctrl+Mouse wheel. Works really well and also very quick.


By default:

  • G/H Horizontal Zoom Out/In.
  • Ctrl+Scroll Down/Ctrl+Scroll Down Horizontal Zoom Out/In.
  • Shift+G/Shift+H Vertical Zoom Out/In
  • Shift+F Zoom Full
  • Alt+S Zoom to Selection
  • Shift+E Zoom to Event
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Yeah, I’ve changed so many of the key commands I can’t remember what is default.
I double checked and saw that I added Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel to send Shift+G/H for vertical zoom.
I guess Ctrl+Mouse Wheel for horizontal zoom is default, no?


Yes, as I mentioned above. :wink:

yes i also use those, thanks

i also use “x” as zoom to selection, where i can select an object and quickly zoom to that event (and shift + x to undo zoom)

lately, last 2-3 years, i have been using the zoom tool half of the time, which, for me, is a lot faster.

other people use the ruler drag thing a lot, i dont really like it

and some people (sometimes i do this too) use complete workspaces just to zoom to a view they often use

a lot of options to choose from! :slight_smile:

this is pretty cool…

while in selection mode, i could program a button to make it zoom tool, then with letting go switch back to selection tool?

but i cant program a key to do this, right?

If you are on Windows you can by using a simple AutoHotKey script.
It’s possible you can do it with Keyboard Maestro on Mac as well. I’m not familiar with it though.


im trying to use a trackball, this is why i posted

i also miss the middle click to drag on a trackball a lot

after 30 years of Cubase its hard to switch to a trackbal :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to switch because of RSI prevention