Toggle visibility in MixConsole of a group of tracks

I am interested in learning any conceivable way of toggling the Hide/Show state of a collection of tracks and channels in the MixConsole using a key command.
The “collection” of tracks can be of any type; Instrument (with or without multiple outputs), Audio, Group, VCA, etc. I am open minded in how the tracks are identified as a collection. It can be a common prefix in the track name, they are all in the same folder, they share the same track color, anything really.
Any tools or work-arounds allowed, PLE, Macros, MIDI Remote, 3rd party tools, anything.

Hi, IF you don’t have a problem with altering the visibility in the project window as well, then you can try modifying this PLE (which uses a track name substring as filter) to your needs, after of course setting the “Sync visibility of Project and Mix Console” to “On”:

Easy, but not easy.

  • Add a suffix as the group’s mark. E.g. Audio 01 *1*, Audio 12 *1*, Groove Agent 5 01 *1*, etc etc.
  • Make n logical presets for the number of groups you need. The preset is If Name contains “*1*”, toggle hide.
  • Go to keycommands and assign a keystroke to those groups.

You can do the same with color, other properties. The real question if this housekeeping is worth it.

Personally, I would love it if Visibility Configurations had an “Additive Mode” instead of being exclusive, as it is currently.

Thanks @m.c!
Were you able to hide Instrument Tracks with multiple outputs enabled using this PLE?

Thanks @ggmanestraki !
Same question to you, I guess. Can you make this work with Instrument Track that have multiple outputs enabled?

Oh. I really don’t know, never used it, just created it in order to reply here :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t work in the Mixconsole, you’re right. Only the Main track/channel will hide. So we need to rename the outputs too.

Lol! I see.
I guess I should’ve mentioned that I have tried to come up with a working solution for this seemingly simple task for several months. I have tried various different PLE approaches in combination with Macros.
What I found was that Instrument Tracks are the odd ones out in Cubase and this is especially highlighted when it comes to various operations such as selecting and hiding tracks. When trying to hide an Instrument Track that has multiple outputs enabled only the “default” stereo out is affected.
(Here are some other oddities that only seem to affect Instrument Tracks with multiple outputs.)

I have tried to come up with various workarounds, such as using several PLEs to get all the automation/channel lanes in the Project Window of the additional outputs of such instrument tracks selected to then invoke a Hide command. It’s been a frustrating ride and I haven’t found a viable solution yet.

Not sure I get where you’re going with renaming…

Probably nowhere. The PLE doesn’t work for the outputs, AT ALL.

Can you use PLE in conjunction with “Configurations” in the mixer screen?

@reberclark I have thought about it and it’s a good enough way of working if you do not add any significant amount of tracks while working in a project. This is because these “Configurations” needs to be updated whenever you add any tracks. It’s unfortunately not smart enough to understand that a hidden folder in a Configuration should keep all of its tracks hidden even if new ones are added.
Personally, it is a workflow that would only suit a select few projects.


I’m giving this a little bump just to see if anyone smarter than I am has some good ideas on how to work with channel and track visibility.
It seems that Instrument Tracks with multiple audio return channels doesn’t function the same as other tracks including Rack Instruments with multiple outputs.
I’m hoping there’s a workaround somehow.