Toggled Key Commands could have specific options

For toggle key commands like the Select tool, Snap On/Off, Grid Type, it would be good to have a key command for each option. For example, one key command for the Select tool with “normal sizing”, one for “sizing moves contents”, and one for “sizing applies time stretch”. I almost always use “normal sizing”, but it slips into the other ones. It would be cool if when I hit the 1 key (key command for Select Tool", I know it’s on “Normal Sizing”. And then i could use the mouse to select the other two modes

Similarly, it would be great to have one key command for “Snap On” and one for “Snap Off”, so I don’t have to look up and see which one I’m already in. Same goes for Grid type.

Definitely, been asking for this. Had to program my own.

How did you do that, Lukas? Thanks.