Toggling 'Always on top' in effect window crashes GitarRig 5


I’m having lots of issues with VST plug-ins since upgrading to Cubase 8 (x64). One such issue is the ‘Always on top’ toggle in the VST effect window when Native Instruments GuitarRig 5 is loaded. Simply toggling this option causes the plug-in to crash and Cubase to report that it’s lost the VST bridge connection.

Setup is:

Windows 8.1 x64
Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz

I’ve attached some screenshots.
Please advise.


Thought you might be interested in this video which shows the problem in action:


you are loading the wrong GR5 dll in Cubase (same applies to the other NI plugs, which are bridged as can be seen in the video - notice the symbol to the right of the plugs’ names).

GR5 and all NI plug-ins are available as a 64 bit plug-in, and that version should be used in Cubase 8 x64.

Please, make sure Cubase 8 only scans the x64 NI folder.

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You were absolutely right. My bad. Thanks for spotting that for me.

To be honest I think Cubase could report this sort of error a bit better than it does rather than just crashing. And isn’t the VST bridge supposed to allow 32-bit plug-ins to run in 64-bit Cubase anyway? Is there a problem with the bridge?

Anyway, I’ve updated my system to use the 64-bit plugins and I’m back to normal operation.

Thanks again.

My pleasure.
Please, read here about bridging and related problems: - you won’t need all the info in there, but can read which paths have to be avoided to not load 32bit plug-ins in Cubase x64.

You can identify the bridged plug-ins by the symbol at the right side of each entry in the plug-ins list before loading them. If you don’t pay attention you might think they are VST3, though.

I hope it’s useful to have an overview on the topic and avoid the hassle in the future.

Hi guys,

I’ve got the same problem in Cubase 8 Elements.

The youtube video however, is not available (anymore ?).

And I don’t understand the part about 64-bit plugins. I know there are 32-bit and 64-bit plugins, but Guitar Rig 5 comes ONLY as a 64-bit plugin if I’m right (I couldn’t find a 32-bit plugin, so that’s why I assume it’s only 64-bit).

Maybe the path I’m pointing Cubase to, is not right or there’s another problem, but the crash keeps happening, even when “Always on top” has been unchecked…

Please help !?

Kind regards,