Token {@FlownPageCount@} in text frame not resolved?

{@Flow_n_Duration@} gives the expected results, but {@Flow_n_PageCount@} does not output a page number (“Number on which flow n begins”).
(instead the given token string is printed as such)

The correct token for the first page number of a flow is {@flowNFirstPage@}.

Since when? I see this:

I suspect that’s an error. Surely, flowNPageCount should give the Page count for a given flow, not the First Page number.

I’ve been using flowNFirstPage in Tables of Contents since 2.1 (at least), and it still works.

Regardless, neither {@flowNPageCount@} nor {@flowNFirstPage@} seems to work for me. {@flow1FirstPage@} does work for me, but it won’t auto-resolve “n”. I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to or not.

So it’s probably a “cut and paste error” bug in the documentation, i.e {@flow_n_PageCount@} should be {@flow_n_FirstPage@}.

It isn’t supposed to auto-resolve “n”. It’s meant for things like creating a table of contents with titles (using {@flow_n_Title@}) and page numbers. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a demo of that somewhere.

There is indeed an error in the Tokens PDF, which I’ll correct: you can use {@flowfirstpagenumber@}, but not {@flowpagecount@}.

Ok, sloved, and it’s indeed a more logical name for that token.

Well, at least flow_N_FirstPage works, FlowNFirstPageNumber does not.

Btw. FlowNPageCount would make sense, but seems not to be implemented.