Token {@flowTitle@} not written?

I have some time to study Dorico more thoroughly…but I have a problem:
Why my token {@flowTitle@} is not written in part?

if I write {@projectTitle@} it’s ok

That’s because you’re editing (I think) the page and not the page template. Open the part (or score if that’s what you’re working on) in engrave mode. In the right hand panel, check to see if any of your pages have a red triangle in the corner. This means that you’ve overridden the page template defaults and any edits you do at page level will not transfer to all parts (and from score to parts, they use different page template sets).

Edit the page templates how you want them for both score and parts and make sure that your parts and score have no page overrides on them and all the edits you perform will transfer to all the parts/scores that use that particular page template. Then once you’ve got all the universal things sorted, go in and edit the individual pages to put in anything that is unique to a particular part. Do note though, that once any page has an override on it, any changes you make to the page template won’t be reflected in that particular page in the score/part so do all the universal stuff first, then do any local things last…

There’s lots of info in the help and YouTube channels about this, search for page templates if you’re using DR and master pages if using 3.5 or earlier.



Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > Flow title in header > Show above flow heading

(check that this is selected for the affected part)

Thank you very much for your time and help,

In fact I edited a master page by writing {@flowTitle@} then I applied it but it doesn’t work.
I have already watched all these videos several times and every time I think I have understood and suddenly bingo: new problem?!
My workaraound was Show flow headings and put to “Never”, but I was not satisfied or intellectually convinced of this solution
@Toaster1974 was the solution ans also to put my head in order
thanks again