Token for names of flow?

I did a search for this and only found one topic from 5 years ago with no real replies to it. I’m hoping there’s a better reply available now.

Is there a token available that lets one access the names of the flows entered in the boxes at the bottom of the Setup page? I tried flow1title, flow2title, etc., but they gave me the data from the title fields of the project info for the corresponding flow. I tried flow1name, flow2name, etc., and they gave me nothing. What is available, Steinberg?

See this list that includes {@flowTitle@}.

As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to refer to flow names using tokens, only flow titles.

Can you say a bit more about your use-case, i.e. why you’d like to use them rather than titles?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding. When my first page template uses flowTitle, if I change the flow “name” in the lower panel in settings, it changes the title in the project info and on the first flow page.

Yes, because they are linked initially. But if you change the title in Project Info, the link is broken.

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Here’s some more information about flow names vs titles:

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I’m not sure if I’m even doing it right, so maybe you can guide me. I’m working on expanding my Bruckner 6th Symphony transcription for band to include all four movements. For starters, I had “1st Movement” hard-coded into my score and parts next to the name of the piece. Now, though, I’d like to have the movement number be flexible, based on a token.

Perhaps then:

  1. Make sure the flow title is how you want it to appear in the music, like “1st Movement” – the bit used by flow title tokens is what’s set in Project Info, which might be different than the Flows panel in Setup mode

  2. Edit the flow heading template to remove the flow number token, leaving just the flow title token.

  3. Show flow headings in the required layouts (if you have local page overrides, those pages can’t be automatically updated to show flow headings when you change this option; you’ll need to remove page overrides to update those pages)

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, but I’ve been ill. I will give your solution a try. Thank you very much for your help!

Hi Lillie,

This is a bit confusing at first.

Dorico allows for both a flowName and a flowTitle.
But there is no token for flowName - only {@flowTitle@}.
However on Export Audio, when you specify separate files for flows, Dorico uses the flowName in the filename, not the flowTitle.
Likewise Print /Graphics also gives the option of incorporating the flowName (but NOT flowTitle) .

The way I use this is to give the flowName some short value so the export / Graphics file names are more manageable. The flowTitle which appears on the score can be more descriptive.

Just my 2 cents - suggest we add a token for {@flowName@} would clear up some of the confusion

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