Token for today's date?

Is there one?

Not as far as I have seen.

Great idea though!

Indeed, it’s not currently possible, but it’s on our list.

What does 'token for today’s date ’ mean?

To put the name of your project in a text field (like the title of your music on a master page), you would write the token {@projectTitle@} which will then take the name you typed into the relevant field of File > Project Info and insert it into the page where the token appears.

Presumably the token for “Today’s Date” would enter the date the file was viewed or printed. (Perhaps that ought to be pinned down or separated into different tokens for Print Date, Last Modified Date, or the like.)

I would be happy if it was possible to write a footer with only the date and version - not the whole path to the file.

Thanks Derrek,

Yes, when I choose Annotations > Date and time, the file path appears on each page. I would also be happy if there was an option for date and time only.

Or is there already such an option that I’ve missed?

No, there’s no option for that; at the moment, the date and time option also includes the filename. We can make this a separate option in the future.

I’d like to add my request for a {@projectFileLastModifiedDate@} token to include in the header for parts.


Plus one for an auto-incrementing {@currentVersionNumber@}?

A new project would default to 1 (or 0!).

(I never really liked, or used very much, Sibelius’ Versions apparatus; preferred to manage that at the filing system level. But something which - in extremis - would indicate which version, along with Leigh’s suggested last modified date, was saved might serve a useful purpose, mightn’t it?)

This was added in Dorico 1.2.10 – see pages 6 and 7 of the Dorico Version History document. Try the token {@projectdate@}, though there are lots of others you can try too.

The Token List on the help page is quite out of date now. Perhaps you can find some time to update the list.

In the meantime, pages 7-8 of this document have all the new tokens listed:

Thanks, pianoleo - helpful as always.

This looked as though it might be/have been (hope Günther is OK: that contact page doesn’t work; no replies to PMs here; and the site seems completely dormant) a useful place to group some of these links together. Great idea!

And so to give Daniel time with his family on Saturday nights - at least!

Thank you pianoleo and Daniel.


I’m enjoying this implementation and seeing it instantly update as I do a save.

Last modified on {@projectdateday@} {@projectdatemdy@} at {@projectdatetimeHHMMSS@}
Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.26.01 PM.png

There seems to be an extra space between the month and the day when I use {@projectdatemdy@}.

Thanks for reporting this, Duncan. I can see the problem (we’re not accounting for the fact that the time-formatting functions in the standard library return a string with a leading space for days of the month that have only one digit), and we’ll fix this in a future update.