Tokens – continuous naming

Hi there!

Question: is there a possibility to implement a token for a continuous naming?

In concrete terms: I would like to export string parts which are named automatically as »desk 1« »desk 2« etc.

Or is it necessary to make a workaround e.g. with 10 identical first violin players, 8 second violin players, etc which all get named manually?

Thanks in advance!

Copying the music several times for different players is definitely NOT the best way to do this, because eventually you will forget to edit all the players when you make a change!

You can create several layouts containing the same player (e.g. Violin 1) with different layout names (Violin 1 desk 1, desk 2, etc).

If the parts for each desk are different, you could use divisi staves for the Violin 1 player, and then hide the unwanted staves in each part with manual staff visibility changes.

Thanks Rob!
Sorry for my late response, my comp got repaired.
Great hint, thank you!