Tokens in Player Name and Instrument Names


So far, I’ve discovered so many options to select what appears for staff labels, Part names, layout names, etc. …all great.

I’m trying to create a score (and part) that is designed to be played by either a trumpet or clarinet (flex band/adaptable instrumentation), and I’m trying to have a staff label that looks like this in the score:

Clarinet (B{@ flat@})/Trumpet (B{@ flat@})

My latest attempts at getting this to work in the score involved trying to use a token in the Player Name or the Instrument Name field.

Thoughts? …the simple workaround is to just use a “b” in the Player or Instrument Name fields.


If you know how to use Unicode Hex Input, you can add a flat symbol that way. Its code is U+266D.

Or copy this:

Clarinet (B♭)/Trumpet (B♭)

and paste it into the name of the player in Setup mode.

It will look like this on the part:


Oh, right! Thank you!

You will probably need to use “Edit Names…” to have that text appear in the staff labels on the score.