tomorrow will be 11/12/13 so............

Just to warn you geek types… tomorrow is 11/12/13

you have a choice of 08:09:10 or 14:15:16 to celebrate :laughing: :wink:

that’s only in Euro land, over here we had that in November.

in that respect you can have this format one more time but we can’t , I think ,oohhh my brains going to explode !!!

For $50 I’ll tell you how it all turns out.

for £50 i’ll tell you how to use the qc and halion 5 :wink: :laughing:

Oh do tell im intrigued, did Arsenal beat Tottenham and Liverpool beat Manchester City ? :wink:

ouch, you win.

Next year we’re going to have 12/13/14 but not the Europeans. Unless they invent an extra month… :mrgreen:

You guys need to get some sleep… :laughing:

whats this countdown ? is kissing involved ? :smiley:

Edit: Hoo its all about the Date ? 11.12.13 :wink: