Tonal Balance

IfI use Ozone tonal balance on the stereo out of Cubase everything is OK
After exporting the audio mixdown and loading the file into Wavelab the tonal balance is saying 3 of the zones are off.
I would have expected this to be the same whether using cubase or wavelab.
Any ideas ?

Can you explain how you see tonal balance in Cubase. And how you see tonal balance in wavelab ?

it’s an izotope plugin

Does it sound different to your ears? Is the sample rate & bit depths changed? Have you checked the exported product in Cubase with TB? Those are my thoughts of what may be different.

Thanks for the replies
I’m going to mintor this in future and check all the settings.

Are you using the same Tonal Balance presets? If you somehow switch between Classical in Cubase, and Hiphop in Wavelab, then you will see differences.

Thanks guys.
Not quite sure what i did wrong but it’s OK now.