Tonal Energy Tuner interapp and Cubasis Problem

Hello guys.i just got Tonal Energy has Interapp support.i tried using it with cubasis but when I load it into input fx of a track,Instead of playing what is on the track I only get audio from the iPads microphone.i tried it with BeatMaker 3 and it works.someone on a group on Facebook also tried it with Aum and it works…Any idea on why it doesn’t work with Cubasis?its really strange.
This is a video about the issue

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message and video example.

Cubasis supports both Inter-App Audio for MIDI and audio tracks.
However it depends on the app manufacturers, what Inter-App Audio formats are supported with their apps.
Please read here for more details: Limitations of Inter-App Audio - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums

Please get in touch with the tuner app manufacturer to find out, where the problem could be related to.
We’re at hand to provide them with a promo code for Cubasis for evaluation, if required.

Hope that helps.


Hello there.thanks for the reply.i sent them a message on Facebook also telling them about the I’m wating on a reply and would get back to you.when is the next update coming ??man is starving for new features :joy::joy:as you can see I have BM3 but i just use it to test apps in case there is a problem with cubasis​:joy:. cubasis is my main baby.please release more features :joy:

Thanks for the information, please keep me updated about their feedback!
Next Cubasis update is in the making… :slight_smile:


Hello ther.this is the reply they gave me.
“OK, I see the same issue here in Cubasis. There is no workaround for now, it will take more time to diagnose and solve the problem. I do notice that it does seem to work correctly in AUM (with the exception of needing to start TET first) as you mentioned.”
Hope they can make it work soon.thanks for your time and reply

Hi, was the problem solved in the end?
I am also looking to use a tuner with Cubasis.

Hi rbabota,

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with the app.
But I can offer to provide TonalEnergy Inc. with a promo code, so they can test their Tuner app with Cubasis.

Cubasis fully support Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.
In our view, Apple’s Audio Unit format can be more or less seen as their successor of Inter-App Audio.
It might make sense to check back with TonalEnergy Inc. if they have Audio Unit support planned on their roadmap.


Hello there.the best option now is AnalyserFX by 4pockets.
It’s AUv3 and also stand-alone.
It has tuning option and also other useful features.
I’d choose it over total energy anyday😂
Analyser & Tuner AUv3 Plugin by
Check it out