Tonality system and shortcuts

Hello — Just a note to say that once a 24-EDO tonality system is implemented, the “-”, “0”, and “+” shortcuts to add a flat, natural, and sharp seem to no longer function. Is this intentional? Working in a score which has several microtones but also very frequent sharps and flats, I find it disconcerting and wonder if canceling these key shortcuts is necessary / helpful. Many thanks.

Hmm … The keys still work for me in 24-EDO on Mac. What system to you have?

Thank you, you’ve helped me to clarify the problem: these shortcuts seem to still work if one switches to Equal Temperament 24-EDO, but not if one makes a copy of the tonality system and switches to Equal Temperament 24-EDO (Copy).

Yes, that will be because the shortcuts are associated with specific accidental definitions with particular IDs, and once you duplicate the tonality system, you end up with different IDs for all of the accidentals. I know that it’s really awkward to work efficiently with choosing accidentals for custom tonality systems, and we definitely intend to try to smooth this out in future.

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