Tone generator plugin please

Hello all - still new here - 2nd post… and new to Wavelab Elements 8

In Wavelab Elements 8 there doesn’t seem to be a Test Generator like there is in the full version, so is there a plug-in I can get for Elements please (or any 3rd party vst3 signal generator, tone generator, waveform generator)?


Or was that a dumb question?

Aloha L and not at all.

Not sure about the VST3 thang but any free, cheap software synth that can
generate a simple sine or sawtooth wave might work for you.

You did not list your ax (Mac/PC) but check KVR.
You might find something there.

Good Luck!

You could also download the virtual “minirator” signal generator app from NTI.

Here’s a free and good TestTone plugin (and many others)
If you don’t need the rest… Delete.