Tone problems on cubase 10.5

Hello, just purchased update from Cubase 10 to 10.5
And immediately noticed that for most of my projects instuments isn’t working correctly -> massive, sylenth etc.
Cubase visually plays correct note, but sound like a totally different tone. And this problem i see even in real time!
For example i have a track. Adding new synth, 3 simple accords: Am, Em, Fmaj and i a while i hear totally broken harmony like synth notes is messed. But seems that nothing is changed on cubase track/plugin settings etc. Seems like Remove/Reload instrument don’t help

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The C MIDI Note doesn’t have to trigger C pitch (for example in the sampler, you can trigger any sample, which must not be C in this case). Please ask on the plug-in forum about the concrete sound, how does it work.

Also make sure there is no PitchBend send out. And also make sure your Project Sample Rate is equal to the Audio Device Sample Rate.

Uh oh, yeah, correct! just noticed that this is my keyboard sent pitch bend randomly.
Sorry for inconvience.