Toneboosters lag with cubasis

I use Cubasis now for over 4 years,
A few issues which have mostly been fixed.

Recently I have been using Toneboosters Enhance plug in,
The preset "Big Bottom " seems to make the timeline in Cubasis lag/stick in places.

I changed the preset on the same project and it was all ok.

Maybe Lars can work with the developers to try and rectify this,
I can get by but thought it worth a mention in case anyone else is having issues with this.

Thank you.

Hi Yamahasy85,

I’ve sent a message to Toneboosters.
Please make sure to inform them about your issue as well.


Hi Yamahasy85,

Jeoren from Toneboosters immediately replied to my message.

For now, they are not able to reproduce the issue, but need further information (iPad model, iOS version, and complexity of the
project, other plugins used, etc etc) to help replicate the issue.

I’d suggest to get in touch with them directly.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Lars I will inform them as of the issue in question.

Regards to you…