Tonewheel Organ and Halion 7

After installing Halion 7 and Halion Sonic 7 I started to check the files in my vstsound library.

I noticed that I have a vstsound file

FCP_SMT_047_HS_Tonewheel_Organ_01.vstsound 462.8 MB

but cannot find any associated instrument to play it?

On clicking on it the VSTsound library application says its correctly registered but it doesn’t list it under any of the instrument categories.

Any ideas on how I can use it?


These are the old sample-based organs from the HS Factory library. These samples are also used to provide the “key click” noises used by the Model C library.

Can’t seem to find an easy way to correlate the old Halion vstsound files with the browser / mediabay lists in Halion Sonic 7 and Halion 7.

I notice for example when you look at Mod C in the Library app the sound file it refers to is .FCP_SMT_126_HS_Organ_Presets_01.vstsound with no reference to FCP_SMT_047_HS_Tonewheel_Organ_01.vstsound


Here it works on both HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7.
New install or update from HALion 6? If update, did you follow the instructions in ReadMe_First_HALion_7.pdf ?
i.e. in Steinberg Download Assistant select Updates → VST Sounds, and then select Install ALL?

Yes followed the update process. Can see the vstsound file in the vstsound content library just can see a way of selecting Tonewheel organ from the displayed program list.

I notice the Halion Factory content and under the programs there are names beginning with TW so probably an acronym for Tonewheel but there’s no direct way of correlating the specific sound file name with those programs. The sound file name doesn’t show up in the Steinberg Library as FCP_SMT_047_HS_Tonewheel_Organ_01?

So Tonewheel Organ is not showing as an Instrument that I can directly identify in Halion 7 or Halion Sonic 7. I can see Mod C but is that the same thing under a different name?

Do you see Tonewheel Organ listed specifically as an instrument to load?


Ah ok, sorry I was thinking about Model C. I think Romantique_Tp is right, these are organs part of old HALion Sonic

Like I mentioned earlier, the tonewheel organs are part of the “HS Factory” library. They’ll show up under the Organ category when you select that library. They’re not a separate library.

The issue I have is that is is that I can’t see a way to cross check the sound file with the preset names.

The Library doesn’t show the sound file name FCP_SMT_047_HS_Tonewheel_Organ_01 and the Halion sonic 7 and Halion 7 only show preset names.

As Ive had all version of Halion since vstsound files I wanted to place all the vstsound files in one location and not leave them in the separate locations. I assume the library will set up any alias needed to point Halion at the sound file but I can’t find any way to cross check everything is correct apart from possibly deleting a vstsound file and seeing which of the program preset names fail or disappear.

I would have thought that there would be a list which shows which program names are associated with which vstsound file. It all feels a little messy as it stands.