Too many audio files?

I have a fairly complex, multi-section song and now Cubase is crashing when I try to record more. My power just went out or I would experiment more… anyway, how do I remove unused audio files from the song (not from my computer) so as to lighten the load, so to speak.

Go to Media (File Menu) click “Open Pool Window” then right click on Audio, there’s a drop down list of things and click “Remove Unused Media”. It will go into the trash in the Pool and you can empty that at a later date when you know your project is fine. Save your project as a new name e.g. [Project Name] 1b or f or whatever in the same project folder to be safe.

Just a note, if you record a lot of audio channels, something like drums where you can build up a large amount of unneeded audio. Emptying the trash will very often crash Cubase. I’ve been trying to get them to fix this problem since Cubase 6, each update, with every payment comes the promise that it’s been fixed and has yet to be fixed. Check the release release notes under

“R-10895 AUDIO: Emptying the trash on the Audio Pool no longer leads to an
unresponsive state of the application.”

That’s me