Too many crashes

Running on Apple Silicon here under Rosetta. I’ve had to revert to Cubase 11 as I can’t work for more than 1 hour without a crash. Not sure where the problem lies, but Cubase 11 runs without hardly ever crashing. So, I’ll hold out for the next update and hope things improve for me.

How’s stability for everyone else?


Haven’t had a single crash in C12 since day 1/for a week. I’m on a Intel Hackintosh with Big Sur.
Best first week with a new version of CB ever.

That’s great to hear. Enjoy!

It would be great to get the crash reports to have a look at the issues.

Every time Cubase reopens it asks to send report to Steinberg. I always choose that option. If there’s another way to send, please let me know as I’m happy to send.

The crash reports that are sent out of the application are anonymised. But if you could sent some crash reports in a PM, I could feed them in our system and report back to you.

There’s quite a few! Sending in a PM…