too many many bugs !...but ;)

had to restore my system (Win 7) to get my old set up (C6.5) back… C7 is totally useless for me right now ! but…the eq is way better with a graph , mixconsole and the general look are sooooooo coooool that I can’t wait to work it :slight_smile:

I work a lot. 12 hours a day and have no problems with 7.01

Pretty much the same here.
So far so good.

@ 7blackknights.
Hope you get it all sorted.


Heart C7 :neutral_face:

Why not have both 6.5 and 7.01 on your machine at the same time? If 7 isn’t working for you, do serious work in 6.5 and learn the new features in 7 when you get some spare time. No need to remove 6.5 from your system.


Same with me :exclamation:
Didn’t uninstall the CB 6.07 version from the system. :wink:


I concur, Cubase Elements 6 was a most stable and workable application that required minimal system resources and was an excellent upgrade from V5.