Too many rests in measure

I ran into a new (importing) problem: in one measure, there’s a full rest too many (in a 4/4 measure). I can’t remove it unfortunately. I’m sure there must be a way, but I don’t find it.
Any help is welcome.
(see picture:)

Alt-t will bring the system track up. Select a quarter note or eighth note grid resolution (bottom left corner in Write mode). Press alt and drag over the system track where the rests are so that all this region gets selected and click the trash that appears at the left of the system track, and you’re done.

Thanks Marc.

But again, this doesn’t work. When I do what you suggest, (deleting the half note rest), everything next moves forward half a measure, which is of course not the intention. In measure 38, the half rest is simply not necessaryl. I cannot imagine how it got there. It’s definitely not in the original (Notion) score.
Is there another approach to remove it? Or could some hidden bar line be there (before the superfluous rest)?
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See if this helps: Remove rests

Always worth showing signposts to see if at the start of this long bar there’s a red signpost that indicates something’s been changed in the bar.

Perhaps share the project, or a version of it that contains this section? It looks like there’s more time in that bar than you want. Perhaps inputting a barline at the start of the extra rests would then allow you to delete the whole bar.

Thanks Julenissen, the rest was indeed removed, but instead a blank measure of two beats was inserted. See screenshot of the score in Play mode. I can’t see it however in Write mode.

Thanks Lillie.
Inserting a new barline did the thing. I tried it before, but everything moved to the right two beats… But this time I added a barlint before and after the rest, next deleted the entire measure. I checked it in play and it’s OK this time.
Thank you for all your help so far. I hope that this was the last issue with this score.
The score was already uploaded to Soundcloud a while ago. All these issues only deal (fortunately) with the Dorico version of it, because of my ignorance and of some XML import issue.)
So, problem solved and case closed.
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Glad that seems to be sorted for now.

It’s particularly helpful to share project files here when they originated as XML imports, because those projects can behave a bit differently to native-Dorico projects. E.g. initial clefs can come through as explicit, causing layout clef overrides seemingly not to work.

Thanks to all who assisted me. It’s been very constructive and since I want to go on using Dorico for my finale score engraving, such valuable advice is very welcome!.