Too slow playback

My Dorico has a too slow playback. That means that music is played back slower than the »green line« shows in the score. I don´t know how to describe it in a better way. If starting at the beginning the green line is already one or more bars ahead. The green line is correct, but music is too slow and falls behind continously. If I want to start music not at the beginning, but let say in bar 20, music starts several seconds after pressing P, when the green line passes bar 26 already … The last minute of music is impossible to hear without waiting 1 min …
Whats wrong?

Dorico 2.10, MacBook Pro, 13inch, 2018,
no equipment, just built in speakers …

Please search in future.

there is a little trick that might sort your problem:
If you go to your Dorico Preferences, then Audio Sample Rate: change your Sampling Frequency to 48.000Hz, wait a little while, then change it back to 44.100Hz.
Does this help?